Welcome to senz° umbrellas - home of the original storm umbrella

senz° umbrellas are stormproof to 100 km/h, yes it is finally an umbrella that does what is says it does and not turn inside out.

As with most things Dutch the design is everything, the senz° aerodynamic canopy acts as an aero-foil lifting the light but exceptionally strong umbrella to an upright position and effortlessly slices through the wind. Once used, you soon realise that every umbrella used up to this point is essentially a sail leaving you to the will of the winds.

  •  Stormproof to 100km/h 
  • UPF 50+ highest available 
  • 2 year storm warranty
  • Eyesavers or rounded barbs all models to protect the eyes of passers by
  • Opening mechanism integrated into handle


1,100,000,000 umbrellas


are thrown away EVERY YEAR! Simply because they don’t perform in the wind. Few people realise what a mountain of trash that is. Every year. Again and again.

We know all too well that garbage bin overflowing with broken umbrellas on a rainy day, the one that's repeated with every other bin in the city.

At senz° we don’t take this pollution for granted. We believe that an umbrella can be much more than a disposable product. We believe it can be a statement. A statement against a polluted world and a statement for taking responsibility.

Our senz° fans around the world live by that statement. They understand that instead of buying lots of crappy umbrellas each year, it's wiser to invest in great products that last.

So come and make senz° with us. Enjoy the weather!